Ihre Tabitha Eve Co Zero Waste Starter Kit beinhaltet: 1 X Satz 2 Bienen Wachs Essen Packungen (1 x 10 und 1 x 8) 2 X, die keine Schwämme 1 x schwere Pfanne Wäscher 5 x Bio-Baumwolle und Bambus bilden Polster *** OR *** 1 X zusätzliche Bienenwachs wickeln 10 Unsere keine Schwämme, Pan

Your Tabitha Eve Co Zero Waste Starter Kit includes: 2 x None Sponges 1 x Heavy Duty Pan Scrubber 2 x Produce Bags Our None Sponges & Pan Scrubbers have a naturally antibacterial and highly absorbent bamboo core. All products are made with natural materials only and we source our fabric from UK manufacturers. Please see individual listings within shop for more details.