Zero waste reusable tea bags made from organic cotton with a bamboo balance stick. #zerowaste #plasticfree #organic #reusable #tea

Plastic-free, organic reusable tea bags that simply balance on the edge of your cup. No mess, no fuss. Ideal for herbal, home made and speciality teas these little Balance Bags steep your tea by resting on the lip of your cup or tea pot. How to use Balance Bags Balance bags are so easy to use: Place a teaspoon or so of your favourite blend in the bag. Balance the bag on your cup and pour the water directly onto the leaves. Steep until the tea is to your liking. Remove the bag with the stick. Enjoy your tea! Taking care of your Balance bag When your tea bag is cool (don't pick up the fabric while it's hot!) simply empty it into your compost, food waste or regular bin and rinse the bag. Done! If you prefer they are also machine washable at 40 degrees C. Materials Bag: Organic cotton calico Pick: Bamboo Luxury pick: Stainless steel Packaging: Recycled card and bio-film ARTICLE: Why would you want a reusable tea bag?