Chinese New Year Paper Chain Dragons (Printable included!) | Pink Stripey Socks

Looking for an easy Chinese New Year Craft that you can make with kids of all ages? Try making these paper chain dragons. Can't draw? Don't worry! Download the free printable below and you'll be making tons of dancing paper dragons in no time! How to Make Chinese New Year Paper Chain Dragons How to Make Paper Chain Dragons: 1. Print out and color this paper chain dragon printable here. Then, cut out the pieces. (The template for the strips was hard for my tiny preschooler's hands to curl. So I extended it a bit if you're working with younger children. 2. Cut out strips of paper for your paper chains. (We traced construction paper, but to make this a recycled craft, just trace old newspaper or magazines!) 3. Staple your face onto a strip. 4. Then, proceed to make your paper chains. (Staple the legs to pieces as you make them.) When you're finished, staple your tail onto the end. We made two- one was made from 9 pieces and the other was out of 11 pieces. But I saw this really neat version on the Frugal Handmade that was super long! She also made her face facing sideways, which makes it great for hanging up as decoration.) 8 More Awesome Chinese New Years Crafts! Chinese New Years Lion Puppet and Handprint Dragon Paper Dragon Kite Puppet Giant Dragon Collaborative Art Folded Paper Lanterns Paper Blossom Twigs Paper Bag Lion Masks Watercolor Painted Fans Recycled Toilet Roll Dragon Puppet Happy making, friends!